Month: March 2012

#FF Follow Friday: ACME edition, Cory Walker

Without a doubt, one of my favorite artists. If you aren’t already a fan, I just don’t get you.  Co-creator of Invincible, a fantastic run with Destroyer: MAX, and he draws the best Cable since Rob Liefeld. I like Liefeld, I don’t hide it. With a mix of economy of line, strong silhouettes and great inking, Cory’s work stands out against the majority of over-rendered nonsense on the stands today. We are very proud to have him help headline ACME. He is an artist’s artist.  Twitter – @corenthal


#FF Follow Friday: ACME edition, Tony Parker

Tony Parker has been a staple in the Phoenix comic scene for years. He’s known for his lush pages, filled to the brim with action and great brushwork.   After working on some smaller titles like Warhammer A.D., Tony’s first major work came a couple years back when he was tapped to help adapt Phillip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep for BOOM! studios.  After his acclaimed run on that title, Tony is now working with Aspen Comics on their new Greg Pak written title Dead Man’s Run and he is getting great reviews, deservedly so.  Tony has some of the prettiest original pages around, so stop by and see some beautiful pages at Samurai Comics on May 5th for the inaugural Arizona Comic Mini Expo. You can follow him on twitter also @TonyParkerArt

#FF Follow Friday: ACME edition, Scott Godlewski

I first met Scott several years back before he had done any work with any major publisher. He was co-self publishing his great Mysterious Adventure magazine and I remember being shocked that he was not on any publisher’s radar.

I found out we had many of the same influences and feelings about comic and comic art specifically. Scott has unique style that is mainstream but still pops and looks exciting. His inking is his strongest suit, which says a lot seeing as how good his pencil work is.

Scott’s first big work was in Boom Studios’ Codebreakers mini-series. He followed that up with a great run on their Dracula: The Company of Monsters and I can’t wait to see what’s next. Scott’s work fits in any genre and I do believe he’ll be around for a while. Editors and creators from Dark Horse, Marvel. DC, Oni and Image should be lining up for his services. Scott will be appearing at ACME this year, as well as being a featured artist at the ACME gallery show on May 4th. Follow Scott online at his website, on deviantart, & on twitter. Get a commission or buy an original page from him, take it from me, I own about 8 originals of his, you won’t be sorry.

Oh yeah, I colored the above image. It’s always a great pleasure to collaborate with Scotty.