6 Questions with Ben Glendenning


First comic you remember reading:
Action Comics #276, the First appearance of Brainiac 5. DC Blue Ribbon Digest Doom Patrol #19, very strange and very cool for an impressionable five year old. And the Demon #1, my first Jack Kirby experience.

Creators who have inspired you:
Joe Staton, for his work on the Green Lantern corps, very angular and playful with lots of expressions. Stan Sakai for his simplicity and textures as well as mixing the more cartoony style with serious, darker plots. Mark Waid, on LSH and Flash, for taking somewhat odd or cheesy continuity and molding it into great stories with strong character progression. Jack Kirby… because everything he did is jaw-dropping and intense. Keith Giffen, for showing that an artist can change and evolve from project to project. And Dan Jurgens, for consistent quality in art and writing and using continuity as a positive influence to his work.

Dream Project:
My own Creator-owned material keeps me pretty happy, but I would love the chance to add my take on the Legion of Super-Heroes or Booster Gold one day.

Current Project:
Currently I’m continuing my Tin Star Tex comic series as well as two new ones in the works, one with superstar colorist/writer Joseph Baker. I also have DC Comics: Epic Battles and  Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time card sets coming out very soon from Cryptozoic Entertainment.

Favorite Art Tools:
To be honest… my ability to remember waaay too many comic and cartoon story lines and art styles … and my $1.50, 0.5 mechanical pencil with blue lead.

Anything special for ACME/Free Comic Book Day:
I have a couple of new prints in the works and some original sketch cards from various sets that will make an appearance.

Where can people find you and your work online: 
Usually www.skulljammer.com would be the one stop place but it’s currently in the works to get renovated, so check me out at www.facebook.com/benjamin.glendenning and twitter.com/Skulljammer in the meantime.



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