6 Questions with Ryan Cody


First comic you remember reading: I first started reading various Spider-Man issues here and there, but what really hooked me into a regular comic buyer was the X-Men and Excalibur. I loved Chris Claremont and all his artists at that time were amazing, with guys like Alan Davis, John Romita Jr., Paul Smith, Marc Silverstri, Jim Lee, etc.

Creators who have inspired you: As far as who I’d want to pattern my career after, I’d have to say someone like Ande Parks or Jimmy Palmiotti, creators who are writers and inkers, or Erik Larsen who has been doing his own book for 20 years. Obviously Mike Mignola is a huge influence as is Mike Oeming and Darwyn Cooke. Cory Walker and Scott Godlewski are two of my current influences and even though it may not look like it in my work, I really was inspired originally by Rob Liefeld, Jim Lee and all those original Image guys.
Dream Project: A creator owned title that I could work on for years. For other companies it would be BPRD & Hellboy for Dark Horse or The Incredible Hulk or an X-men book at Marvel. I also have a really great Batman and Robin Elseworlds story I’d love to do someday.
Current Project: Working on Doc Unknown Vol.2 and trying to get a Monstrous mini-series going at Dark Horse after our 3-part introduction in Dark Horse Presents.
Favorite Art Tools: Deleter Nibs, Strathmore Bristol, my 11×17 printer & the Kuretake and Pentel brand brushpens.
Anything special for ACME/Free Comic Book Day: Just the souvenir print and t-shirt I colored and designed over amazing linework from Cory Walker. (Pre-Order!!!)

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