6 Questions with Stuart Immonen!


First comic you remember reading: There are a couple of milestone comics I distincly remember, though I’m sure they are not the first comics I ever read. The earliest is probably Gold Key’s Uncle Scrooge #135, “The 24 Carat Moon” which I must have literally read hundreds of times. The first superhero comic I remember reading was Captain America Annual 3, which reprinted a bunch of Kirby-drawn Tales of Suspense stories. That was 1976, so I would have been nine—literally changed my life. Thanks Grandma!

Creators who have inspired you: John Byrne crafted almost all the seminal stories from my teen years, and he was able to effortlessly riff on dangling threads in older comics and create depth and personality in characters I came to care about profoundly. Ted McKeever, with his unique raw visual approach and wildly imaginative story concepts. Jaime Hernandez opened up a DIY Pandora’s Box for me, just as I was exiting my teens and wanting to find my own voice in comics… really the list could go on and on, and is certainly not limited to comics people.

Dream Project: Kathryn and I have a backlog of ideas, some in rough script form, that we are just trying to eke out the time to get to and then complete. Having to shoehorn them in between other jobs is tough; ideally, we’d be able to do our own projects full time.

Current Project: All-New X-Men and Russian Olive to Red King

Favorite Art Tools: I rely on Staedtler 2mm leads and a Stadtler Mars plastic white eraser daily, but I would not call these tools favourites. It is a constant challenge to get the line I want without breakage, fading or butchering the page. Digital tools have a different set of frustrations.

Where can people find you online:
Twitter: @stuartimmonen


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