6 Questions with Kathryn Immonen!


First comic you remember reading: It’s all a bit vague. As a very young kid, I read a couple of Andy Capp collections, which I didn’t understand at all, and Marty Links’ Emmy Lou, hundreds of times.  And then one year I started getting the Canadian Children’s Annual for Christmas. That was the first time I probably saw comic work that wasn’t strips. It was amazing. I think in 1980, they did a collection that was all comics and everybody showed up: Ian Carr, Ken Steacy. Bill Slavin. It was an incredible publication, “Hey kids! Here’s a massive book just for you with covers by  Toller Cranston!” What a freak out.

Creators who have inspired you: In comics? Carl Barks, for sure. I’m not sure comics, or any kind of story telling, gets any better than that. Jaime Hernandez, Kyle Baker,  Ann Nocenti (among so many others) have all been responsible for sea-change moments for me.
Dream Project: Whatever I’m currently working on, to be honest. I really think it’s the only way to work. You’ve got to fall in love with what’s in front of you.
Current Project: Amazing X-Men #7 and Russian Olive to Red King (with Stuart Immonen)
Favorite Art Tools: Samsung Book 9, Roget’s International Thesaurus Seventh Edition and a Rotring 800 .7mm. Two out of these three also function for self defense.
Where can people find you online: 
and twitter @KathrynImmonen

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