6 Questions with Tony Parker


First comic you remember reading: Original Star Wars comic, right after A New Hope came out.

Creators who have inspired you: Far too many, and yet there are so many more that I want to study.  Eisner, Alan Moore, Wally Wood, Frazetta, JG Jones, JH Williams III, Jim Lee, Kirby, Otomo, Masamuni Shirow, Frank Miller, Larry Hama, Cheeks Galloway, Lee Bermejo, Dave Gibbons, Ivan Reis, Sean Murphy, and so many more.
Dream Project:  I’ve worked on so many dream projects that I didn’t know were a dream until I was doing them, that my mind doesn’t even work that way any more.
Current Project: Unannounced from DC.  The project hasn’t been unannounced.  It’s not titled “Unannounced”, but that could be kinda cool.
Favorite Art Tools: ALL OF THEM.
Anything special for ACME/Free Comic Book Day:  We’ll all find out, won’t we.
Where can people find you and your work online:  Tony Parker Art facebook.com/tonyparkerarttwitter.com/tonyparkerart

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